The Fertographer 📸

This is a beautiful story of what happens when fashion and photography co-exist. I met Ferdie Du Toit one warm Johannesburg afternoon. On that day two wonderful miracles unfolded: one was meeting such a beautiful soul and the second was enjoying some warm weather in Johannesburg. Both events are scarce, yet on this day I was blessed with both!

Ferdie and I had met through Facebook as he was looking for a fashion designer to collaborate with for a fashion photography project. Little did I know that I was actually meeting one radiant beam that was later going to light up my world. Not only did I make an industry connection when I met Ferdie, I also found a friend.

There are two photoshoots that we collaborated on with Ferdie, the first was the capturing of the 2015 I am Performer range by Up_phelele Fashion featuring a dancer as its model. That shoot was purely a Fertographer initiative, and the Up_phelele Fashion Brand was featured. The second shoot was of the 2016 Multifaceted range also by Up_phelele Fashion and this was an Up_phelele Fashion initiative, yet I’d like to thank my Fertographer for bending over backwards to make sure the production went perfectly well.

I truly appreciate you Ferdie.

2016 Multifaceted range captured by Ferdie Du Toit
2016 I am Performer range captured by Ferdie Du Toit

Visit the official Up_phelele Fashion Facebook page to see the rest of the shoots

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