Recreating from the Multifaceted range

The Multifaceted 2016 range by Up_phelele Fashion came, saw and conquered! This was a range whose creative direction was inspired by the shape of the diamond, thus it was titled Multifaceted. I had absolute fun with the creative design and conceptualization that happened before the actual construction of this range. This range is a symbol of growth as it was the practical component for my first post-graduate degree. It is also through this range that the Up_phelele Fashion brand identified its target market along with its look, style and feel.
The Half-Poncho Dress of this range has proven to be one of the more popular garments of the range and I had the absolute privilege of re-creating this design for a very yummy momma. I found pleasure in the process of re-creating this design in a fuller size and I completely fell in love with The Woman’s body. It amazes me how The Woman’s body can come in different shapes and sizes yet that doesn’t take away from its beauty!

A recreation of the Half Poncho dress from the Multifaceted 2016 range by Up_phelele Fashion

One of a woman’s objectives in life is to keep a beautiful presentation of herself and her body. Realizing this also made me realise that the Up_phelele Fashion Brand also has this very same objective as its main aim and mission.

Are you a lady in search of a beautiful outfit? Up_phelele Fashion completely has your back. You can learn more about the brand on our website and you may place your order via email at ❤️

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