Dashiki Sheek 👌🏾

Oh yaaas when the 2016 summer holidays officially hit the shores I had the clear intention of riding the summer wave right until the very end 🌊😎

img-20161218-wa0003So my lovely family and I kicked these holies off at the beautiful Swaziland 😍. Not only is the place wonderful but it’s people are just as delightful. We felt right at home!

Side note – I had no idea Swaziland was so close to KwaZulu-Natal 👊🏾 oh yaaas and it was my first time out of the country and it is safe to say that: I foresee many more times like this ya’ll 👯

I have included my favourite image which we took during the holiday #SwaziFamHoliday #FunFam #ChoncoFam

Alright, let’s get to the part that makes this post a #FashionFeature. On one of the days we went shopping at one of the local Ezulwini stalls in Swaziland, and did we not find treasures? My siblings got some traditional jewelry and I (of course) got some beautiful fabric 😋 which I have used to create a range of his and hers Dashiki shirts. Below are the T-shirts modeled by my father and I, these are available for order and you can contact me HERE or at info@upphelele.co.za to place your order ❤️

This is the charming Dashiki ShirtDress with bat-winged sleeves and a shaped hem for ladies available for R350-00*


Here is the handsome Dashiki Men’s wide neck shirt with front pockets also available for R350-00*


Remember that you can simply place your order HERE at info@upphelele.co.za

PS. By using the #InsideAphsie promo code you’ll receive a 10% DISCOUNT 👯

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