The Queen Bs 👸🏾🐝

I love to refer to myself as the groupie of life, simply because I am a groupie to so many celebrities! As a matter of fact, living in Johannesburg this year really made me realise this even MORE. Even though the faces of certain celebs became the regular to me, it did not change just how CRAY I became from simply seeing them.

As I have mentioned above, I am a fan to EVERY single celebrity, yet I have chosen these two Queen Bs to reflect on my love and appreciation for them.




I do not think there was ever a time in my life when I wasn’t a Beyoncé fan! I have been dangerously in love with Yoncé since the beginning of her solo career, and have memorised every lyric and choreography she has ever produced!

Over and above all the slaying she has done for the past 13+ years, I love what she stands for. I completely agree with the messages she sends out through her music. I am empowered by her story. I did some song-soul searching and this is what I found:

  • She is ALL about empowerment and independence
  • She is about the love and passion of life
  • She always finds a way to enjoy her life thoroughly
  • She spreads positive vibes and slays while doing so!




This is our very own local Queen B and she has been queening alright!! My fan-lationship with this beauty also started right at the beginning of her fame and it has been an amazing 7+ years!

Of course, there is a whole lot of animosity at the mention of her name. It’s a shame really because, in my opinion, it is sooo unnecessary. Neways, I also did some deep soul searching and these are the reasons she drives me cray:

  • She is flying that #AfricanButter flag up high
  • She is proof that you can do absolutely ANYTHING with hard work and determination
  • She expresses herself through Fashion
  • She is a big fan of giving back

Even though I have given these as the reasons for my adoration of the Queen Bs, there are many MANY more (of course). I find so much inspiration and motivation in witnessing both Bonang and Beyoncé’s development – Queen on sweet Bs 👸🏾🐝

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