uMashiy’amahle 😍

It was so heartbreaking to receive the news that one of my teachers whom I was so fond of, had been called to be with the Lord ❤️

Slap-bang in the middle of November these news were broken down to me and automatically my heart extended to her children, I have never experienced a pain greater than having to live life without my mother. I pray the Lord continues to strengthen them and the rest of the Ngcobo family.

Ms Ngcobo was the principal of a local primary school that me and my siblings all attended, above that she was a close family friend. After I received the news I knew it was only fitting to celebrate her life the best way I knew how to and I designed and created a dress inspired by her personal style, which I wore to her funeral. This I did in celebration of her mightiness as she was a warrior and took all of the necessary steps she needed to in order to successfully make HERstory 🌹

Below are the images for the modeled #Mashiy’amahleDress by @Up_pheleleFashion


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