BTech 2016

Have you ever completed something and when you reach the end not only are you glad you survived it but you are also grateful for all you have learned through out the journey?

Well that is precisely how I feel about the completion of my BTech degree this year (2016) 💃🏾

In contrast to the Fashion Design Diploma, BTech is research based and our entire year’s worth of work is represented by our final BTech report (theory) and Specialised clothing (garments) submission at the end of the year. Friday, the 4th of November was the submission deadline for the theory aspect of our BTech and was it not a major learning curve to meet that deadline alone?

WOAH! A whole lot of planning needed to go into the printing and final presentation of the BTech report, so much that I felt like I had an actual book going in production 😂😍

Oh yaaaaas! If I have to summarise this experience in a single word, it would be: Scarexcited = Scared + Excited 😝👯

Here’s to the next submission, which is the final garments, on the 11th of November 2016 😜

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