Be Proud.


Don’t busk in the glory of the past

I was a mere starry-eyed teenager when I received a lecture with this quote as its topic. At the time I was amazed at the truth the speaker unfolded throughout the talk. One thing I am still very grateful for is that this lecture was more of a conversation so I was allowed to stop the speaker, ask questions and interact with him.

The more I experienced life, the more I learnt exactly why it was important that I was present on the day of this talk.

Many times we are told not to be proud of ourselves and that it is almost ‘unGoldly’ to do so.

“No, you should wait for others to be proud of you. You need to humble yourself, or life will humble you instead!”

Interestingly, I no longer agree with that. In this life if you don’t stop and take time to see your strength, congratulate yourself and take pride in your achievements… You might find yourself waiting for the rest of your life for someone else’s congratulations.

The most important step, which is the next step, is to move on. To not find yourself basking in the achievements of your past. Give yourself the time to congratulate YOU. And be not afraid to BE PROUD of YOU ❤️

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