Truth is BLISS 🌻


The naked truth is better than the best dressed lie – Ann Landers

Here’s one very easily achievable task :- Speak the truth.

Though it seems to be amongst the hardest to accomplish. I have spent too many hours trying to figure out why this is, but I am grateful that those hours have come to an end.

Truth is, it seems like a better option to lie or to omitt 🙊

The Bible tells us that it is in fact the truth that will set us free  (John 8:32), yet it seems as though this offered liberty is not the one we seek.

Could it be?
That we would much rather be enslaved by our lies or ‘half-truths’?

My post accident experience of life has been quite peculiar. I am more observant amongst many other things and what have I seen? That you would rather spend thousands to dress your lie up than to simply liberate the naked truth.

What a shame 💔

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