Nao Serati

“You like fashion? We do too! You should meet Nao…”
And so I met Nao… We dreamed together. We became friends and continued to grow together.

I always tell my friends that they make me feel like such a proud mama, constantly and without fail. Nao Serati brings his fair share into that proud mamaness ๐Ÿ˜‚

Nao Serati is currently trading as a Johannesburg based fashion designer and stylist and his work has been in a number of media publications, like on the cover of the Marie Clair magazine, and he most recently showcased a Nao Serati range at the South African Mens’ Fashion Week in Cape Town which you can view HERE and HERE.

The official Nao Serati website is also live, from which you can not only view this beauty but you can interact with the brand and get yourself some of that beauty as well!

Instagram – Nao_Serati

Facebook – Nao Serati

Twitter – @NaoSerati

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