First Up_phelele media ad 😁


I have always believed that nobody knows your talent/passion as YOU the beholder. Which is why my reaction was often very awkward when somebody casually comments: “Oh, you design now?!” Me: 😧 ” What do you mean NOW? I’ve been designing my whole life!!”

Well because I have always been passionate about fashion design I expect others to automatically know that fashion design is what I do ya’ll! And then it hit me… They don’t know, and how could they? They are not in me, so I have to TALK about it! LOL. When I think of it now, it’s like duh?! But like, it took me a while okay guys?! 😅

Alright so here’s what’s up: I run a fashion and graphic design company. It is made out of the fashion brand and under the graphic design segment we do branding. So we cater for women by designing and making  garments/outfits for women as per order. We specialise in once-off, occasion wear and have the design made up to your specific wants and needs.
Under branding, we develop the visual representation of individual clients and businesses/brands. This includes making or redeveloping logos, business cards, advertisements, web sites (and MORE).

Below is the advertisement that was featured in the Raw Issue of the Conté Magazine. You can get your very own copy by ordering it through email at and for an easy settlement of only R100 it is so yours!!

So that is what I do people! Do check out my website and feel free to contact us at ✌️

The design was based on a shot from the Up_phelele Range 2015 by Simz Kevin
The design was based on a shot from the Up_phelele Range 2015 by Simz Kevin

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