Uber is SUPER!


Ok ok, I admit: I am quite the late bloomer because (APPARENTLY) this app has been working it’s magic since 2009 , I was like whaaaaat?! Well I have found it to be sooooo convenient, it’s like having your own personal driver and having you car (dreams!).

Best news? It is available in Joburg, Durban AND Kapa lodumo (Cape Town), you can find out if there’s one near YOU (google of course!!)

If you too have simply heard about Uber and you haven’t had the UBER experience wait no more! If you download the app right now and use the promo-code: uberUpC_Ride you will get your FREE ride with Uber. It’s like a test drive you see? You will fall in love, thank me late or better yet drop a comment below ↓

Download the Uber app on the Apple App store or on Google PLAY or just sign in HERE

Remember uberUpC_Ride is the magic word