Happy Mother’s Day


Today I most definitely miss my mom. I too wish I could home and spend the Mother’s Day weekend with her. Lord knows I would… I miss her conversation, her embrace, her guidance, her help. I miss mama’s ability and willingness to be there. She always could be with me fully and unapologetically. I miss that, I miss my mother.

I am grateful though that I have been blessed with such a wonderful memory of a mother, one I share with my siblings and our father. Oh bless God for our father, he is one mighty soldier, we love and fully cherish him and we wish him and every other mighty queen and single parent a very happy Mother’s day ♥


Don’t make the mistake of taking such days and moments for granted, celebrate your mother or/and father today and make your love for them be made manifest ♥♥♥ Happy Mother’s Day ♥♥♥