What fashion designers do

A lot of practising fashion designers I have, personally, encountered are unfortunately known for not starting their client’s order…. Let’s say right until the night before?

As you can imagine, this absolutely sucks as it has successfully created a ‘Fashion Designers’ prejudice.

I remember for my matric ball I had my own design all planned out and I just needed it to be made up. For MY lovely design to be to be materialised I needed the services of a trusted SEAMSTRESS. That’s it!

Did you know that there is a difference between a Fashion Designer and a Seamer/Seamstress? A Seamstress’ primary objective is to sew up the garment/outfit you like, whereas a Fashion Designer’s  objective is to DESIGN and CONCEPTUALISE a look or garment for the client.

Having said that, in my opinion what makes a Fashion Designer start an order late is that they are asked to create someone else’s design and therefore their Designer powers are being stripped-off of them!!

Let us be well informed about our service providers before we source them, to help make sure that we receive EXACTLY what we require.

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