Date Night (Recipe Post)


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I officially declared last night as date night so I went ALL they way out and prepared a meal. I made a cheesy pap and peppered meatballs dish, doesn’t that just sound too delicious?! Anyways, it felt so AMAZING given I hadn’t enjoyed a self-made meal in what feels like years but really it probably has been weeks, LOL 😀

The recipe and directions are listed on the actual images on the slide and you can flip through them just like you would a book (by clicking on the arrows on the sides).

I have made it no secret that I LOVE food and enjoy the process of making all the deliciousness that will go straight to my tummy (tongue out, yum yum). We AAAAAALLL love food so I have made this post a recipe post especially for YOU ♥


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Go ahead and try the recipe you or better yet use it to create your own masterpiece!! Do leave a comment bellow ↓

The recipe for the cheesy pap with more details and steps can be found HERE.

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