What a lady should be 

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Who says? How is this decided?
For the longest time in my life I believed I was meant to fufill what is the ‘right’ or what is commonly agreed upon as the ‘appropriate’ manner of behaviour for a lady.

I must be honest, it has been such an unpleasant and tiring process.
That to be my life? Negative!
I refuse, it can’t be!!

Hey, I had to reach a point in my life where I decided to actually LIVE my life and find out for myself what kind of lady I want to become.                      
I refuse to adopt someone else’s experience into my reality!
You can guide my walk but that is all the power you have over it.
You may influence my development, ONLY.

So in essence: you decide how your going to be as a lady. I love to refer to my life as My Story! My Book!! And ME?
I’m the writer of this best seller!!


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