School Never Ends


School Never Ends

A reflection of first tutoring experience


I still remember my very first day at big school, and YES I was one of those children that kicked and screamed on their first day. Little did I know that I was embarking on an AMAZING and never-ending educational journey.
From that day I never looked back, I have FULLY enjoyed school THOROUGHLY!! I have always understood that school was for my betterment and so it shouldn’t be boring, I couldn’t and WOULDN’T allow that! No ways!! As much as I have thoroughly enjoyed my educational journey, I have always wanted to be an agent that promotes
the same kind of wonderful learning walk for others so you can imagine just how thrilled I was when I fund out I qualified for the tutoring training at the Fashion Department at the University of Johannesburg. Now I am fairly new to the environment yet I have been able to successfully and smoothly use all I had learned at my previous institution and I fit in like a glove! It continues to amaze just how smooth this transaction ( my move from one educational institution to another) has been. I sometimes have an internal laugh!
whenever anyone of my new lecturers does or says something that reminds me of my previous lecturers, it’s CRAZY how that happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!
So the first day of my training started on Friday, 19 February and will be going on until the end of March 2016. Needless to say: I HAD A BLAST! I tutored a class I personally enjoyed when I myself was in first year (which I continued to enjoy right until I completed my third year). It was a first year Garment Construction class (where you learn about sewing up the clothes and how to use the different
sewing machines). This particular class reminded me of when I was in first year and because I was a good learner (lol, always asking questions!) it made me be able to be a good teacher. I have always believed that being a good TEACHER is dependant on how much understanding you have of that subject/topic, if you have LEARNED it well enough! I look forward to the rest of my tutorial days, this Monday 22 February I will be tutoring the Pattern Making First Year group. I can’t wait!

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