Your Year In Pictures (includes FREE template)

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Have your New Year’s resolutions all planned out to the T? Lol, *hides* I DON’T!

As much as I TOTALLY see the helpfulness of planning and I do not belittle this in no way!  Very recently I reminded of something my mother shared with me once, something she had just read. 

It was an article about setting goals in the form of daily To-Do lists. The writer spoke about how she instead believes in having daily ‘Have Done’ lists. She further explained that compiling these give you a sense of succession as opposed to the guilt you suffer from if any of the items on your ‘To-Do’ list is left un-ticked by the end of the day!

I found this perception so profound and I adopted it. Well in my heart I adopted it, in real life I have been compiling even longer and fuller ‘To-Do’ lists!

Not this year though! I invite YOU to join me in this adventure called 2016. I have made a collage template which I will be adding all the images of the major milestones/goals/achievements I will reach this year.

Download your very own template below and let’s do this MAYNE!

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