Meet my ARM(Y)


Meet my ARM(Y)



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So on my arm lies my ARMY of strength, my initiators, my motivators, my inspirers… My Parents ♥

Ok, not LITERALLY (how awkward would that be? and HEAVY!)
I’m an artist so most of the time my speech is figurative, lol that’s the artistic license. Get it? Like the poetic license, you see I wear a pair of accessories to symbolise the presence of both my mom and dad.

Let’s start with the father, he gifted me with his watch that he used to rock in his younger dapper days. To me it’s a highly treasured antique watch, it still works PERFECTLY! Honestly I do get teased from time to time by my peers for wearing ‘such an old watch’, but it’s of sentimental value to me, so Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!!

Moving swiftly along to the mother, that would be the bracelet right next to the watch with the words ‘Mom Phuti’. This was a very special and precious gift given to me by my mom’s very best friends, The Trusted Ones (shout out to them!). It was my 21st Birthday gift from them, that year just happened to be the same year mama passed, her soul be in eternal peace ♥

I have shared a part of my heart with you, please grant me the honour of sharing a part of yours by leaving a comment below. 

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