When you embrace change…

When You Embrace Change




[spacer height=”5px”] [ms_custom_box backgroundimage=”” padding=”30px” class=”” id=””]Change is inevitable, we have no control on its occurrence. As a matter of fact, change is the one thing that is DEFINETLY sure to happen! So what we have control over in how we react to it, do we welcome it and adapt?
Lol, the word ‘adapt’ ALWAYS reminds me of Biology class when we learnt about Natural Selection, in summary (hectic summary) the ‘Adapt or Die’ Rule.
My perception of life could be likened with this ‘Rule/Law’. Since change is bound to occur, one must adapt to it in order to survive the new ‘era’ that is being introduced. So we embrace change, mainly because whether we like it or not CHANGE WILL OCCUR but also because we are creative beings. How? Has not living in the coast ever stopped us from not throwing a beach party? NO!!!
That is precisely the point, that very same creativity that we use to adapt to our many different situations in life – we can use that very same creativity to Embrace Change as it happens!
You know what they say: “You can’t keep a CREATIVE down!”

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