When next WEEK is next YEAR!

When next week is NEXT YEAR!!!

And all of a sudden it is made to be so REAL!! You have officially lived through another year, yep! That is one more year that you can add to your collection!

Incase you were in need of a reminder, here goes: You’ll NEVER reverse! 2015 is almost over, almost done and dusted! Your only hope now lies within 2016 —> I call bullish*t on that!


I does not matter if you have as little as 2 weeks, or 2 days left to this year, a hope for change should still be there!!! As a matter of fact it IS there! Belief that change will occur doesn’t need months and months to develop. You chose now, it’s instant like that.


The truth is you can STILL allow your mind to be transformed and result in a huge change in your mind and most importantly, your in your heart THIS YEAR! It really is up to you!


So what will you do?

The Year 2015