You are disposable!

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That’s the truth! To this world? You are disposable!

You are changeable!

You are replaceable!

Consider this, you become awfully ill and have to be let off work PERMANENTLY and immediately they find someone else to replace you!

Better yet, let’s say you become super ill in the middle of your school year and you are simply expected to deregister and sort yourself out and come back when you’re better.

Truth really is that the people of this world do not want you, they want what they can gain from you and if they gain nothing… Guess what? *Tamar Braxton voice* Ain’t nobody got time for you boo boo!

That is why, I rate, it is not a very smart move to let your possessions or human relations (what people think of you) become the centre of your life. Life as we know it can only be made valuable by YOU and no one/thing has that authority!

So this world and the people/things of it say you’re disposable! Well are you?

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