So many of us go through life with a feeling of unfulfilment. As a matter of  fact for the longest time in my life I believed that that’s how it is meant to be.

I was under the impression that it is natural for one to feel unfulfilled because you can’t do it all!

What a misconception! Now I strongly believe otherwise, it is not meant to be like that. Well, at least FOR ME it isn’t. If it is in your heart to do something, and without doing it you feel incomplete, it leaves you feeling like you’re not wasting your precious and God-given time, then guess what? You need to fulfil that, you HAVE to pursue that career/dream/vision. Whatever it may be really.

Another thing we should be aware of is that we have ALL we need to start our journey to reach that fulfilment our heart eargerly yearns for. Here’s a piece I wrote when I, myself came to this realisation:

UNFULFILMENT by Aphelele Chonco

An internal, continuous emptiness

An incomplete dream

An empty page

Who can even be proud?

The womb bears but delivers not!

A constant hunger

Fed only by negligence

But that’s on my part

You see, my job is a part-time laziness

No drive

No life

A drastic cycle of vicious nothingness

A dangerous point blank

It feels like the end in preparation for the start

On your marks?

That’s it! Positions, preparations

Get set!

Sharpen your skill, load your gun

Ready? Fire!

Go! Away for the liberty given by my determination rebukes you!

In me lies a dream that cannot be buried by your lies.



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  1. Nomvuyo says:

    For a long time I myself struggled with living a life unfulfilled worse I felt imprisoned by my own thoughts and dreams which I didn’t even think were possible, I never voiced out how I felt which only led to anger, jealousy and envy I had hundred conversations with myself as of how I would free myself from that dark space finally took courage which I didn’t even know I was capable of doing until I actually did it, which was the best decision I ever took as selfish as it was of me but I can say I am healed today and really It’s OK to be selfish to set your own soul free, I am happy and I look at life differently every day is a blessing to Live and fulfil what the heart desires, thanks again for sharing this piece I look forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. UpC says:

      Oh wow Nomvuyo sounds like such a beautiful journey you had there! I just can’t wait to hear all of it over a cup of coffee one day, very soon!! ❤


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