Fellowship with Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest

It is always so refreshing to learn more about a person, it allows you to experience the other facets of their being you probably were not aware existed.

The BehindTheStory interview Cassper Nyovest did with MTVBase allowed me to understand the musician and historian Cassper Nyovest just a bit more.

Honestly I am countlessly flabbergasted by just how much celebrities lay down their own lives for the gain of the supporter.

A lot of the time the ‘rich and famous’ are taken for granted yet are judged beyond reasonable measure and the essence of their existence is overlooked.

I grew up in the church, so all of my experiences I relate back to my church experience. Now at church we preach the importance of FELLOWSHIP -: which is developing a relationship with someone or group of people where you get to learn from that person directly from that person’s own experiences or from what they tell you.

Thanks to celebrities like Cassper Nyovest who see the bigger picture and call us into a fellowship with them. That is a gift greater than a lot I can think of. Because of the success of #FillUpTheDome we have developed undeniable faith in our own dreams. And that’s just ONE EXAMPLE of the many lessons we can gain from your own personal walk!

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