Once my mom told me that whenever your reality becomes more beautiful than any dream you’ve had before, than at that moment you suddenly have less of a reason to sleep.

I always thought the reason you no longer need to sleep that much is because you are living your dreams, so true! I have found that the largest reason is that you now need to embrace your reality and fully experience it by being present in every moment of its development.

Yes you no longer should spend the bulk of your time sleeping and travelling dreamland, for you have found your dream. You are living your dream, even more wonderful than an actual dream is that it doesn’t have a sudden ending.

Unlike a dream you have a hand in building the ending! So don’t drain the time you have been gifted with —> Go ahead and LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Do you believe that you too have been called to living your dream? Do you think it’s possible to do that evens? Leave your comment on the reply section bellow and #LetsConversate ❤

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