Watch your habits…

If practice makes perfect, can you see how habits build character?

Does this logic make sense? Allow me to get deeper in it, will you?

With every skill, behaviour, habit one has to gradually perform that certain act until they develop it into a habit. Until they no longer need to pre-meditate before doing it, until it is natural for them to act in that manner.

Kanti what is rehearsal for? So you can be able to recite those lines and dance that choreography as per the script’s requirements! Same concept when it comes to character building…

The things we do, the way we act becomes a habit because of the many times we do them. What you train to become your habit, becomes YOU! Our habits are the small molecules that build up the overall structure of our character…

Be careful, watch your habits! While we’re at it, let’s conversate just leave a comment here on the reply section below and let’s talk!

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