Started from the bottom, now…. we…. still at the bottom?

But HOW?

Sometimes plans do not develop exactly as we initially wished they would. When that happens, when we do not see ourselves being where we envisioned we would be, we automatically see ourselves as LOSERS!

But wait, we are not losers. As a matter of fact we are winners, we have opened ourselves up to the many opportunities that lay that are related to that thing we have pursued. Okay, what is she saying you may ask?

Sometimes the plans WE make for what we see as ‘success’, may not be the way our actual success story unfolds. What I am saying is you cannot and should not measure your success according to how many boxes you have ticked that are on your mental check list.

Instead you must be able to distinguish how far you have come from the very beginning. I have found that by doing that you see how you are a winner, and every waking day you succeed. Indeed you are SUCCESSFUL.

I would LOVE for us to #Converse further about this. If you want to share you own opinion on this matter, or have a question or two to ask, PLEASE drop a comment in the reply box bellow! #LetsConverse

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