I am Performer

When I was at art school I was in the Art Department, which was the only department that wasn’t a performing arts department, as the others were Drama, Dance and Music.

I remember always wishing I could be apart of their performance pieces and shows, this desire was deeeeeeeep within though. So I wrote this piece when I reached a point where I realised just how I can make my creations become my very own performance. I learned that I too am Performer!

To my delight the DJ Mythica Soul, whom I wrote a piece about some time back (which you can read here) offered to turn my piece into a recorded song. He arranged the beats and produced the whole project which my models walked to. Please do read the piece and do tell me how it makes you feel on the comment section below…

I AM PERFORMER  by Aphelele Chonco

Walls. Barriers. Boundaries. Doubt.

I built, to cover you

I worked hard at hiding your seed, when I could have planted you

Or at least I believed I was hiding you,

Instead I’ve been nurturing your growth.

Can you even hide a burning flame?

Expressions. Emotions. Feelings. Comments. Opinions.

You were groomed by these my love.

You suffered a malnutrition

Right from your tender age you lacked

Starved by the critiques, the comments…

Other people’s opinion of you, of what you should be

How you should be.

I allowed them to mould you into what you weren’t shaped to be

But sent are you to complete a work set only for you

A task only you can accomplish

So go ahead my love,

You are bold. You are confident. You are self-sufficient.

You are well equipped. You are empowered. As a matter of fact you are empowerment itself.

Not only do you make up the show…

Oh no darling…


I am Performer.

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