Curtain Call: Up_phelele Range 2015


I am performer. That was the title of the range that was on show on 1 October, Thursday night and 2 October, Friday night.

This range unfolded itself at such a pivotal moment in my life, where I learned just how I can make my work as a fashion designer become an actual performance. A lot of the time I designed for a client, be it my teacher/lecturer for school or an actual real-life PAYING client. In that case you always have to take into account what the client wants and deliver what they expect. Not this time! This range is a celebration of the liberty of creating what YOU as the designer want. I then thought, why don’t I title it as my performance? So I did!

I had thorough fun with this range, right from the start up until the complete end. I am COMPLETELY excited about the next milestones and projects I will be reaching and completing. I am so ready for them.

Here’s to: brand Up_phelele!!!!

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