Don’t be robbed off life, LIVE!!!

Too many times have I witnessed individuals categorising themselves. Fitting themselves into boxes that constrict their overall capacity.

A typical human being is born into a world alive with possibilities and as a result they grow up believing that they can become absolutely ANYTHING they desire to be.

No, seriously consider this…

A child wholeheartedly believes that they will grow to be a modelling police woman who acts professionally and serves as a pilot!!

We unfortunately grow and are welcomed into a word that says NO to that idea, we then re-think our strategy, adopt this new way of thinking and further categorise ourselves. Maybe as a PR Manager, a Receptionist or even a Junior Designer.

In truth the possibility of making your initial dream come true still exists, but now you have trained yourself to do only the things that relate you to this new box you now belong in!

I strongly advice you to continue to dream and further stretch forth your faith. Allow yourself to evolve into something the world is completely not used to witnessing.

As for the negativity you encounter, remember: it’s not what the world calls you that matters, it is what you respond to that truly matters! It is all up to YOU, choose to LIVE!

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