Up_phelele 2015 RANGE

The moment I have been awaiting, with such great enthusiasm is finally here ladies and gentlemen! That is my DUT graduation fashion show.

Okay a little background won’t hurt… I have ALWAYS known that I wanted to be a fashion designer, even as a small little baby. I remember being asked as a child what I aspired to be and my answer always was ‘a singing, acting FASHION DESIGNER!!!’

That is why I enrolled into an Art School and further completed my matric (grade 12) there. My major was Three-Dimensional Design and during my final year a friend and I organised and put together a fashion show that was titled ‘Fashibition‘. Fusing the words ‘Fashion’ and ‘Exhibition’, because that is exactly what it was, a Fashion Exhibition.

The Fashibition was held at the school’s art gallery and for the images click here or HERE.

This Up_phelele 2015 Range fashion show instalment is a very important one to me as it is a signifier of my growth as a fashion designer, growth in terms of understanding fabrics, pattern making and garment construction much better which will definitely allow me to have a more confident design aesthetic.

If you are able to come to the show and #SupportYourLocalDesigner please do so, I will be very grateful! Here’s to Up_phelele, the 2015 range and beyooooooond!! Whooooo-hoooooop *dancing*

See you there!
See you there!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. All the best with your show Aphsie!! Wish I could be there…


    1. UpC says:

      Thank you Mr B ❤ ❤ ❤


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