I Woke Up

One morning I woke up with this song in my heart, I had reached a definite realisation really. I can say I went to bed as a dreamer and I woke up a DOER!!

I Woke Up by Aphelele Chonco

This morning I woke up and suddenly just dreaming was not enough.

Every reverie cried out to be materialised,

The suppressed needed to be freed,

The neglected to be nurtured.

Don’t let sleeping dogs lie.

Behold and awaken,

My dream has woken up.

How dare I continue with the slumber?

A deep need arose.

A dying out spec was rekindled,

A haunting dream rebuked me,

A haunting dream wanting to be fulfilled.

Into reality I have been awakened.

The time has come for me to allow my dream to transform into reality,

To mutate into my future.

Yet the future starts as the present.

This morning, I Woke Up

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