Keep GOING!!!

Keep Going

I have found that there comes a time in one’s life where they need to be re-motivated and generally rejuvenated (spiritually and mentally), in order for them not to give up!

We do start the year with a fantastic bang, and I am continuously in awe of the creativity of the world – which is made evident at the beginning of each year. Every year has its name which is the overall inspirational ‘theme’ for that year. I for one totally appreciate that coining as it really does motivate me for the year ahead.

But what about the end-part of the year? Where can we get that inspiration from??

Well, I rate we should find it from ourselves. Simply because only we carry the needed passion to accomplish that which lies in our hearts, so who better to obtain activation from?

We must be able to reach a point where the need to KEEP GOING and not to give up is made evident to us by our own raw passion for life.

Keep going soldier.

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