You know when it seems like all is going so well, all your ducks are in a row and moving in perfect synchrony towards a common destination and then something wrong disturbs them and they are pushed into destruction and the synchrony isn’t right anymore? That’s natural right?? Everything can’t go perfect all the time, right??? WRONG!

I was having a discussion with a close friend recently about just how a variety of practises have been adopted as traditions in our culture, yet when you dig deeper you learn they actually have no significant meaning. That these practises were repeatedly copied and pasted by different people until they became a broadly accepted norm, which further developed into a ‘tradition’.

The same goes with this idea that things can’t and shouldn’t go so well without some sort of negative interruption because that just is the balance of life… No ways!! I for one completely REFUSE to believe that!! To believe that every time something goes well it’s just a warning sign of the bad that’s coming my way. To believe that in order for me to be considered ‘worthy’ to receive any good thing that comes my way I should go through a fair share of the bad. I boldly believe the contradiction!!

Firstly I believe that I am a proactive part that allows good things to come my way. I believe that nothing that I am put through or that I survive has the power to make me ‘worthy’ to receive any good, whatsoever.

So through this post I persuade you to think #MaybeNOT yet I proudly

proclaim #DefinitelyNOT!!!!

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