Inside Terrence Bray…



I will forever be grateful for the educators I have encountered in my life! As many are continuously flabbergasted by the truth of me enjoying school so much, I pin this enjoyment on my teachers! I have been blessed with teachers who absolutely love what they teach and which has rubbed off to me the learner!

I had the absolute privilege and honour to interview one of my lecturers, Terrence Bray. He is also an established Durban based South African fashion designer, whose brand is well known and is a great force to reckon with!

1) Have you always wanted to be in the Fashion Industry?

I wouldn’t say the fashion industry per say but definitely a creative fast
moving field 

2) How would you describe your signature style?
I would say its high end sporty versatile clothes for the individual with a
quirky side who is drawn to graphics and statement clothing

3) Did you enjoy school so much that you had to teach at some point?

No not at all, I enjoyed aspects of school but never had a desire to teach,
teaching happened by default as a result of being honest and outspoken with
a strong opinion

4) You teach what you live every single day, does that assist the process?

Definitely! For me teaching is all about experience and if I’m not
practicing what I preach I would not have the will to share that experience 

5) What is it that you look forward to accomplishing both in business and

I feel in business I would like to accomplish a healthy and sustainable
industry that we can all benefit from, and one of the ways to o this is to
guide and give back some of the values and experiences to the next
generation of designers, they are after all the emerging support network.


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