Inside Bianca Warren…



This Friday marked the end of my wonderful 3 week internship at Bianca Warren Designs at The Square on uMhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban.

To my absolute pleasure Bianca Warren allowed us into her world for a while and here’s the portion we obtained from it…

1) Have you always known you wanted to become a fashion designer, with her own signature store and all?

I have always from a small girl put on small fashion shows for my family where I would drape bits of fabric I found at home. and dressed my barbies in little creations I made them. So from a small age I always knew I’d go into a creative field like this.

2) Did you enjoy school, like any of it?

Only art drama and sport.

3) How long did it take for you to establish your style, your signature look?

I started 4 years ago with my little brand sewing out my garage and having small open days. With the bit of money I made from my open days I started a bigger collection and used to attend I heart Wondermarket and Essenwood flea market. Here I built a small clientele and name for myself.  For three years every cent I made went towards my range so I could grow it was 1000 long hard-working days. Before I even took a salary. And only now I can say my brand is established.

4) What else do you see yourself accomplishing or conquering?

I have dreams of having an empire supplying more boutiques and opening a few more stores. I love working with brides and my formal collection is slowly taking off lovely. This year we have had 107 Matric dance girls so far and it’s been really rewarding.

5) What is your ultimate motto for life?

In our industry as much as it’s all great to be creative u have to enjoy and keep up to date with the business of fashion your account your mark ups your fabric costs. This is the most important part of being a successful entrepreneur. And only recently have I learnt. Thanks to my mom how important your accounts and quotes are.
Love is a labor that will never go out of fashion. So love the industry.
BWD Signature Store

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