Welcome ALL!!!

The Inside Aphsie Blog has comfortably found a brand new home, she has also done some growing of her own! She has been established as a blog that empowers the follower through many inspirational pieces which offer uncontaminated truth. Do feel right at home and always be ready for the transformation of your mind and heart!

Some posts will also be about the work that I have completed, being a designer and all!! So please do let me know how you rate the works of my hands, this site allows you to submit comments and to like the post in just one simple click so PLEASE make the most of it!!

To familiarise yourself with these new settings, so much more user-friendly they are I rate! The arrow pointing downward on your top right corner is a drop-down menu that offers you the options of following this blog via email (subscribing to it), following me on the various social media sites, it gives you feedback on the blog’s following and offers a gallery of the images I post!

Isn’t this all so exciting? Change is ALWAYS good!!

One Comment Add yours

  1. This makes me very happy. 😘


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