It’s A LIE!!!


It’s all such a huge, GIGANTIC lie. We all know who the father of lies is right? John 8:44.

I have found out, slowly but surely, that life is definitely and absolutely not at all what I had accepted it to be my entire life. I have leaned that it is not as difficult as I have so successfully made it seem to be. Life does not work out the way I had previously believed it to!

I know these are currently very broad statements that I have made. I will intentionally keep them like in order to allow you as the reader to find for yourself what is true and what is not. One of the beliefs I have adopted is that there’s is no ABSOLUTE truth. There is no specific fact that should be accepted by all as the truth. Life living is all about working out what is true for YOU! Learning what you want to adopt as your own truth.

There is nobody who has the power or right to tell you how your life should unfold, or what decisions you must make. Only you have that power!! If you had been made to believe otherwise, like I had, it’s A LIE!!!

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