We Learn, We Grow…

Oh the gossip lovers are going to be so disappointed. This is not a ‘name and shame’ type of post. It speaks of using ALL of your past experiences and encounters to your advantage!
The reason I, personally, value education so much is because once you gain that piece of knowledge it can never EVER be taken away from you and you are free to do absolutely ANYTHING your heart desires with it. IT IS YOURS!!
The same applies with the learning we do outside of school. That would be at home, in the streets, by your friend’s crib and even at church. Basically anywhere that you can have some sort of experience, somehow. Our past experiences are our personal teachers so we are to make sure that we push ourselves to learn from them, always. And every single one of them. I am also a believer in that the people that are in your life were deliberately put there so that you would gain directly from them!
Let’s also make certain that we learn from the encounters we have with them. Let’s learn, let’s GROW!!!

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