Heart Of A Nomad…

Some things we tend to take for granted, well I know I do!! That’s right until it is made crystal clear to me and my head FINALLY wraps its head around the idea! I hope this introduction made you wonder what it is that I’m on about, well I am telling you that: I HAVE A HEART OF A NOMAD!

Thoughts of seeing different sunset scenarios, eating different types of DELICIOUS food and experiencing people of different cultures and backgrounds just feeds my soul!! I never realised just how much I love travel until last weekend when me and my boo had a mini excursion. Out to merely 3 beaches, though it felt like we went through the whole world!!! Oh don’t I wish…

The excursion led to me learning this about myself, that I really seriously enjoy experiencing parts of the world I hand’t been to before. I find it mind boggling that there are some people that are content with living out the same experience year after year. I probably won’t even settle into a specific town or city. I just love the world too much to belong to a single part of it. I am having thorough fun discovering who I am and why I do what I do! I am also very grateful that I now have a partner in all of the discovery crimes under the sun.  #UpC21 #TheBoo #Nomad #Flawless #NDNM

With a great story always is a set of beautiful images in this family, you must know. Do check my tumblr blog, Facebook, Instagram and my twitter pages for them ❤

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