Be Enough For You!

I have always been all for independence and never quite grasped the concept of self-sufficiency. My father has had a major role in making sure I thoroughly comprehend this ideal and that I further adopt it as my own.

I had always been under the impression that self-sufficiency is the highest level of selfishness. I have been persuaded to believe otherwise though, I now see that self-sufficiency is important in order for one to demonstrate their self-worth and in order for it not to be dependant on someone else’s view or opinions. One reaches self-sufficiency when their own opinion about themselves is sufficient enough for them. When they don’t need to be continuously reassured of their worth, their efficiency, their purpose by an external source. You can be enough for you by leaning on the development of the understanding that happens internally. Leaning on what happens within which will reflect on the external. Be persuaded, be all the reassurance you need. BE ENOUGH FOR YOU.

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