How Old Are You?

How old are you? That’s one question which I have totally enjoyed answering ever since I turned 21!! Wooop-wooop!!! Soon soon I’ll be 22 and I’ll throw a party every time I have to answer that question! LOL!

On a more serious note… The older we become the more we are prone to feel that we’re old and that we know it all! Or at least have a ‘grown up’ opinion about EVERYTHING! Well in all fairness we are, at that point, older than we’ve ever been before but let’s not forget that there are still those that are older than we are. That there are those who have lived and conquered similar days to those we’re only facing now.

Another huuuuuge part of growing up is that there are stories you gain from all of the years’ experience. The stories that develop from your direct and indirect experiences, the lessons you’ve encountered and everything in between. So in essence, your true age is in the quality of your stories. Age really is just a number, how old are YOU??

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