The Year 2014

I rate one of the most important thing we should do right at the beggining of a new year is to REFLECT on the previous year. Give praise where it’s due, learn from its experiences and be holistically empowered to conquer this new year!

So The Year 2014… My plans, my will, my ways were brought to a complete halt! Things I never imagined happened, in the most un-calculated ways. For instance, I lost a few good friends, family members, weight (lol) and abilities!!! A lot of the time I ran to my little sister’s room with excitement because I just realised I was able to do something I wasn’t able to do, she got tired of it… But she has no choice!!!

Even thought this past year did not go according to my plans AT ALL, I am so glad that God’s will prevailed and overthrew every other secondary mini-will!!! I am fully restored and rejuvanated and ready to conquer every challenge 2015 has to offer, I am also very ready to celebrate all the victories I am to achieve in this year!!! AMEN!

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