My Ventures

I have had so much fun the past year venturing into many different things that I previously took for granted, or have not even bothered thinking twice about.

I learnt that WHATEVER it is that you put your mind and heart to will become successful, no doubt!!! I ventured with make-up, I realised that all of those those principles and concepts they taught us in Art School can be successfully used in the application of make-up! Well of course, make-up artistry is an industry that deals with the art of make-up, TOO AMAZING!!

I also ventured with Graphic Design. But like, it really is baby stuff when I see the work that the real big dogs get up to, it’s mind-blowing really!!! I became friends with my Photoshop and it took me places, I got to complete wonderful work and have loads of fun!!!

The third place has to go to me venturing with baking. Baking and decorating really, I didn’t realise just how much I really enjoyed doing this until this year!!! My mother was running a business that offers designer cake for every and any occasion, I thank God that her clients were willing to trust me with their orders and we had absolute fun!!!

Last on this list, but definitely not least in the list my heart… BLOGGING!!! I literally feel like I woke up to a world filled with so many fun experiences to be had and fine opportunities to be exposed to and I had chosen not to pursue them!! The devil is a liar! I have completely fallen in love with blogging, and all the stuff it comes with!!!

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