Your Thoughts Are A Magnetic Field
Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honourable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise – Philippians 4:8 NLT
Your thoughts and words are transmitted like a short-wave radio signal. They send messages out on a specific frequency and are transmitted back to you as an experience or occurrence in your life. Your thoughts create something like a magnetic field around you, while your words provide a kind of spiritual homing device that attracts either positive people, things, and experiences or negative people, and experiences. Therefore, you must learn to fill your mind with good, godly, and great thoughts. What you think has the power to literally transform your life.
Father, I take my thoughts captive today and submit them to You. Every argument and lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God I destroy. I know that it is what comes out of my mouth that defiles me, so I speak life and truth. I love you, Lord, with all my heart and all my mind ( Matt 22:37). Place upon me Samuel’s anointing for sensitivity and obedience to the voice of God as I stand in complete agreement with Your Word. In Jesus’s name, amen.
This devotion was for the 12 January, and is found in the ‘Commanding Your Morning Daily Devotional’ by Cindy Trimm. 

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