Church Notes

Greetings on this wonderful Sunday!!! Okaaay,  even if you only get to read this on Monday, still… Happy SUNDAY!!!

Now I had made a committment last year to upload my own personal church notes every Sunday, because I gain so much from the ministered word and believe you will too!!! Please note that all these sermons are available on CD and DVD from any the CFCI Office. Let’s go to church beloved!!! Be blessed

Sunday Service – 11/01/2015

Word by Apostle MC Dhlomo
“Winning Our Children”

– In this time there’s an enormous gap between children and their parents.
– The older the children get, the larger the gap grows.  For instance: parents taking their child to preschool don’t encounter as much trouble as those taking their children to university.
– A lot of the things that worsen the rate that this is happening is:

Internet, social media, television, our children’s ability and willingness to partake in doing this.

– Children these days want to be independent.
– Proverbs 22:6
– Psalm 127:3
– Proverbs 23:13-14
– Proverbs 4:1-6
– We as children should always acknowledge that our parents were once teenagers themselves.
– Parents are specially chosen and ordained by God to take care of their children. So we as children should acknowledge and respect, and listen to our parents.
– Ephesians 6:1-4

5 Points All Parents Should Know In Order To Win Your Children Over:

1) Change your expectations
Children’s development need to be guided and supported.
2) Don’t treat them with suspicion.
Children live everyday with a certain fear, like the fear of fitting in or the fear of being bullied. Instead give them unconditional love and acceptance.
3) Develop empathy.
Do more listening, allow them to speak their hearts without an interference.
4) Stop fighting your teenager.
5) Establish boundaries and stick to them.
6) Open your home to their friends!

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