Lindani Styling Fashion Shoot 2014/15

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! So true!! One of the post-accident results was me being unable to draw, or even handle a pen for that matter! Thank God for today’s technology though, creative suits like Adobe Photoshop in particular!!! The fashion and creativity had to live on!!!!

As if that wasn’t enough I had the delightful pleasure of working for the wonderful Lindani Ndwandwa, as a freelance designer. He is a well known fashion designer and celebrity stylist, who designs for loads of local celebs. The list includes the most prominent and continually advancing Joyous Celebration and the wonderful Judith Sepuma.

He also annually hosts the Fashion Meets Gospel (which I uploaded a post on eeeeaaaarlier on in life). This time I had the previledge and pleasure to design an invite for his Fashion Shoot 2014/15. I had so much fun with this one, no like really!! I had absolute and complete FUN!!! I hope my creative design lecturers are super proud of me, I listen in class you see??!

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