2Gud 2Eat Indeed!!

These are the most recent works of art we have created!!! Was an absolute pleasure to design and make them!

One was my 21st Dinner Party Birthday Cake. One thing that made making this event fairly easy to out together, is that my mom had been planning my party since early last year. Mama was in to all the design and crafty things, but cake decoration came to the top of the list, she even started a company named 2Gud 2Eat, which provides designer cakes for any and every occasion. She had chosen the cake design and showed it to me. So I basically had no choice!!! Lol, jokes I would’ve gone with it anyways!!!  Beautiful design it was though! Also came out well!!! We thank God!

Secondly is the cake we made for the Sibiya’s Wedding Anniversary party they quite recently! It was a #RoyalAffair to the true sense!! Was also great fun to put together!! Their theme colours were cream and gold and used lace as a major design detail. So I incorporated these into the design of the cake. Do check these designs out either on my Facebook (www.facebook.com/aphelele.chonco) or on the sister blog ❤ ❤ ❤

Please note the rest of the images for this article are poster on the sister blog insideaphsie.tumblr.com <3<3<3

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