21st Birthday and Thanksgiving Dinner Party!

Like how exciting??? Lol, I think my excitement will last me well until I turn 22, and then the excitement process will just go by advancing, lol! From one age to the next!!!

Buuuuut, this year I turned 21!!!! Like finally!! Lol, all this excitement is made of two components; the first being that I waited so long to turn this age, this was also the title of the reply speech I made at the Dinner Party. Secondly would be seeing God’s hand in my whole journey, more specifically in the past few months! How He protected me and has been going with me since since.

Ok I would firstly like to Clear-The-Air by saying that this was a Dinner Party thrown for me by my father, meaning the guest list was put together by him, I had just a little freedom to make editions. It was also an intimate affair, given we already have had a big event earlier this year and dad is now the only one who takes care of all the bills!!

Ok having cleared that bit, the next thing would be to talk about the highlights of this special night. Firstly I would like to make known my appreciation of people committing to the Party’s theme and the positive response to the invites! Secondly would be the speeches that were made, these people spoke so wonderfully about me, like they had me in awe!!! I AM SO GRATEFUL!! Oooh next would have to be the gifts, they were all just PERFECT!! Sis Zaba ounce said “The need for something is automatically created when you receive it!” So true, I felt that way after opening each and every single one of the gifts. Now if I didn’t talk about the sound, food and decor it just wouldn’t be right! They were all of a great standard!! I am so proud of the whole team that put it together!

Lastly I want to thank my father for making this day materialise, such a visionary this man I tell you!! Mama played a major role in the organisation aspect of this event, having started planning it from LAST YEAR already! Lol, dadabah’s major role was in seeing things through until they were visible to the naked eye.

In conclusion, I would like to extend an invitation to my Memulo next year December! Best trust I will be posting an article that is an invitation, that will also explain what is uMemulo in great detail.

Please note the rest of the images for this article are poster on the sister blog insideaphsie.tumblr.com <3<3<3

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