Look Forward and Hope

What have I learnt the past few days?? That would be the absolute importance of these two things. Now let me break it down ya’ll…

The first statement: Hope, but never expect. Simply because expectation often leads to disappointment. I strongly believe that having hope bares better results than those of expectation. A lot of the times we expect other people to make our things happen for us, whether we’re expecting other people or even God to pull so miracles through for us. Whereas hope inspires us to continually have a positive look to the completion of the matter at hand, and therefore we work towards its advancement.

The second statement: Look forward, but never wait. This one, is the one!! It says continue to have great aspirations and views of your future but never find yourself in a position where you sit and wait for things to happen to you.

So refuse to ‘go with the flow’, rather make the still waters flow and keep them going11

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