Sunday Service – 23/11/2014

Word by Apostle MC Dhlomo
‘Moses is DEAD!!’

– Joshua 1: 1-4
– Busking in the glory of the past is the reason most people are not able to live a further successful life. Don’t be married to the past!
– The disability to embrace the future makes turns one irrelevant today!
– 2 Corinthians 5:17
– There is liberty in forgiving yourself and letting go of the past.
– God kills somethings off in order to create space for elevation. Thus when some things die, we should learna to rejoice.
– Rejecting this death staggers your growth.
– The very thing you may be holding on to (because you feel that you can’t live without it) is the very thing that needs to be killed for your advancement and elevation.
– Let your frustrations give birth to creative solutions.
– Failures aren’t negative,  but never aim for failure.
– Lack of expectation hinders your chances of receiving from God.

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